Mission Statement

At NSM Construction we pride ourselves on building beautiful custom homes, with a team of highly accountable individuals dedicated to personal growth; while providing elevated construction experiences for our clients through clear alignment, leadership, and company culture.

As a result of diligent and focused management & administrative practices; NSM Construction is privileged to have been appointed as General Contractor for some of the Lake Tahoe region’s most spectacular homes.  We are extremely fortunate to be gifted the opportunity to over-see these wonderful architectural creations and participate in such ingenious and crafted remodels – so much so, that on completion we are more often than not, entrusted with their care & upkeep by our Home Maintenance Department!

We are not complacent when it comes to the the responsibility that is placed in our hands.  Each project is ‘custom’ and treated with appropriate reverence – we are cognizant of the priority that each project takes in the heart of our clients.  As individuals, it is exciting to find fulfillment & motivation in the challenge of orchestrating the co-ordination of all trades; resulting in the creation of a bespoke and hand-crafted dwelling.

Our team is trained and experienced in many fields of construction management, design and administration.  Yet we continue to strive for personal growth and develop new ideas – finding solutions & evolving processes to enhance our industry practices.  The distinct nature of custom home construction requires constant renewal of ideas.  We are always ready to embark on the challenges that are ‘part & parcel’ of any unique construction.

There are countless years of experience contributing to the realization of the magnificent homes displayed through these pages.  From initial project brainstorming to the actual nuts-&-bolts design & building process – the NSM team is dedicated to creating a superior end-product; one that mirrors our client’s vision.

Whether it’s a new custom home or a much yearned for remodel, NSM applies the same focused, cost-conscious attention to reach each client’s ultimate goal.

Along with the skills and individual talents of the NSM team, the success of these projects is a result of the collaborative efforts of our dedicated trade partners with whom we have formed (and continue to nurture) confident and dependable relationships.  It is the mutual goal of this Team to track our projects, present clear communications and elevate our Owner experience.

We constantly encourage our Team to achieve their best personal results, and support all other Team members so that as a group, we can raise the achievements of all.

We invite you to engage in our enthusiasm and desire to achieve personalized and custom-designed living…