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“It was Mark’s integrity, enthusiasm, commitment, talent and passion that steered us to select him – this is not just another ‘job’ – exceptional construction is his mission in life. Mark has incredible attention to detail, extraordinary ability and excellent follow-through. As an Executive Leadership Coach, having coached hundreds of executives, I have the ability to recognize the inherent characteristics and traits in a person and what I recognized in Mark Neave and the NSM team was their integrity, honesty, commitment and passion, coupled with their professional expertise.”

Mark & Bridget Wright
Martis Camp


“From the initial meeting with NSM I was assured of the transparency of the operation.  This allows for the communication lines to be open.  NSM Construction have shown that quality, hard work, honesty, and integrity can make the process easy and fun!”

Jay Prigge
Martis Camp


“Because of the meticulous work done by you and your team, we have exactly the mountain home we dreamed of.”

Craig & Garnette Heiserman
Mammoth lakes


“He submerged himself into this project, he was ingenious & his craftsmanship for the details are deserving of the European legacy.”

Reid & Lori Malinbaum
Mammoth lakes


“Mark and His very capable crew were efficient and thorough, and had excellent communication with us throughout the job. His work is first rate and he is a delightful person that has become a close friend to our family.”

Don & Janie Friend
Incline Village


“Passion in the workplace best describes the NSM Construction team. Their enthusiasm makes you believe it’s their home, with the highest standards of quality always present.
Reliability – one can count on NSM Construction to find and implement a solution.”

Dennis & Sally Rahlves
Martis Camp


“The NSM team’s focus on quality, professionalism and attention to detail allowed us to build our dream mountain home on time and on budget. This was our third home construction and this is the best built home, was the best experience, and was the most fun we have ever had with a build.”

Maureen and David Shannon


Sub-contractor Testimonial

“I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks for the way you and the group at NSM are conducting your business.  It’s truly refreshing to work with guys that are so motivated to keep the game fair and square. I’ve been in this game for over 20 years now and have seen good times and bad times to be sure.  I’ve seen plenty of GCs come and go over the years and just wanted you to know that you’re running a real high class organization at NSM and I feel privileged to have the opportunity to compete for these projects.  Again, thanks for the work and thanks for a breath of fresh air in these challenging times!”

Best, Paul
Paul McMurchie – Electrical Contractor

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